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City Island Fishing Reports – Day Fishing & Fishing at Night – Fish Count for Bass, Bluefish & Porgy (Bronx, NY)

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Cod today!     12/21/14
Super codfishing today with lots of limits and Black Sea bass up to 6 pounds! Great fishing ith everyone going home with lots of fish.
Super codfishing and Sea Bass fishing     12/20/14
Super fishing today. Full boat limits on Black Sea bass and cod to 25 pounds. Plenty of room tomorrow at 5 am
Monday COD & SEA BASS    12/15/14
We sailed today with a light crowd and had solid fishing with cod, sea bass, and tog. Our next trip will be Wednesday at 5 am.
Another banner trip    12/14/14
Word of the day was fish on! Loads of Black Sea bass, codfish to 30 pounds, tog to 12 pounds, and ling. the next few days the weather looks great and we are sailing at 5 am.
Good Cod & Sea Bass fishing    12/13/14
Very good codfishing and sea bass fishing on Friday`s private charter. Pool fish 25 pounds!
COD & SEA BASS    12/2/14
Our season in City Island has ended and we are starting for cod & sea bass on Sunday, December 14 th.
We are sailing daily at 8 am for blackfish. The action has been steady with pool fish running 6 to 9 pounds consistently.
IC FLEET UPDATE    11/15/14
Local 8 am BLACKFISHING remains very strong with tog in the 6 to 11 pound class being taken regularly.
Good Blackfishing     11/1/14
The Friday 50/50 blackfish trip was a big success. There were a lot of tog caught. Since there was a hefty turn out we split the pool into two prizes.
IC FLEET UPDATE    10/30/14
Good local fishing for blacks, sea bass, and scup. 8 am daily and Friday and Monday special 50/50 tog trips at 6 am. RHODE ISLAND FISHING STARTS DEC. 13 th for COD & SEA BASS
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